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Unleashing Compassion Around the World

We are a part of something much larger than ourselves.

Join us in unleashing compassion to those around the world.

Dress a Girl Around the World & Dress a Dude

Use your skills to make dresses for girls and shorts for boys who live in other countries. Volunteers meet periodically to work together, and also complete tasks on an individual basis in their own homes.

Opportunities to Serve:

  • Sew donated materials to create dresses and shorts for distribution to children throughout the world, usually in third world countries
  • Provide support for those who sew by cutting out material and/or ironing services for completed projects.

Wheels for the World

Wheels for the World provides a free wheelchair, along with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children and adults affected by disability worldwide. It is not simply about “dropping off a wheelchair.” It’s about changing the hearts, minds, and lives of people. It’s about transforming societies, village by village, person by person. It shares the love of Jesus Christ, extended through the gift of mobility, bring hope, joy, and salvation to children and adults with disabilities around the world.

Opportunities to Serve:

  • Pick up wheel chairs.
  • Deliver Chairs to local warehouse once a month.
  • Organize a wheelchair drive.
  • Have the opportunity to volunteer to distribute the chairs and Bibles along with ministering to the recipients in the needed country.

Are you ready to serve?

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