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New Year’s Resolution

This year my New Year’s Resolution is to experience that “rich and satisfying life” Jesus promised we would have through Him.

Through the Eyes of Joseph

I had not been on the road from Nazareth to Bethlehem in a long time. The road was worse than I remembered. It had nothing but holes and rocks and so many people. Some of them looked friendly and some looked like they would slit your throat! I held tightly to the rope while Mary was riding on our mule, and kept praying over and over: “Oh dear God, don’t let Mary deliver this very special baby on top of a mule!”

The Inn Keeper’s Wife

Ready to go upstairs to bed, I suddenly hear a sound that all women know and understand. The cry of a newborn child. So precious, vulnerable and helpless, all at the same time. Goodness, that poor woman! Having her child tonight out in the barn of all places. My own worries fling quickly from my mind as I jump to my feet to go see if they need any help. Grabbing some towels, a pitcher of water, and an extra blanket, I fly out the back door.

When I Honor My Parents, I Honor God

It wasn’t until I became a Christian six years ago and allowed God to transform me and my thinking, that I knew I needed to make some changes to break the chains of my past. I realized that I couldn’t allow the darkness of my past to dim the light of God’s blessings for my future. When I am honoring my parents, I am honoring God.

Praises for Snow Plows

God has always provided what I’ve truly needed, over and over in my life—oftentimes gifts of grace and mercies in disguise. I will trust in God to move the snow and storms of this life, one day at a time.


One of the mysteries of the Christian faith is that God loves us! Us . . . mere humans, imperfect and flawed. And yet this love caused Him to create a plan of redemption, and redemption allows us to live in relationship with Him.