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“EXODUS: Journey of Fulfillment

It’s “not too difficult for you, and it is not beyond your reach.” Deut 30:11

The vision of freedom and belonging for God’s people as they have left Egypt comes to fulfillment in this new series.  We continue the story of slaves rescued, hope offered and their journey to enter God’s best. Come join us as we experience together the fulfillment of a dream…straight from the heart of God.


EXODUS: Journey of Fulfillment
Week One
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8 Year Anniversary


“Can We Chat?”

You don’t know what you don’t know

where you get to help shape the messages. This series is a discussion about what we may not know, but need to know, about our faith in Christ.We will ask you to submit questions, on a particular topic, throughout the series so you can tell us what you want to know more about.


The Bible – Part 9

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The Bible – Part 8

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The Bible – Part 7

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The Bible – Part 6

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The Bible – Part 5

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The Bible – Part 4

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The Bible – Part 3

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The Bible – Part 2

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The Bible – Part 1

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Bayside Teaching Team Sunday Messages

I Am A New Creation

Tim Layfield


Cheryl Bangs

Father’s Day

Dr. John Jackson


“The Long and the Short of It”

“The Long and the Short of It” will explore seven decisions we make every day to connect us to God that impact our lives in the short term and the long range.”

It’s Time to Agree with God | Wk 7

It’s Time to Agree with God | Wk 6

It’s Time to Agree with God | Wk 3

It’s Time to Agree with God | Wk 5

It’s Time to Agree with God | Wk 2

It’s Time to Agree with God | Wk 4

It’s Time to Agree with God | Wk 1

Recent Sunday Messages

April 15-16

Easter Message

Last Message Series

Too Comfortable?

When my comfort meets God’s challenge.

So often our thoughts and actions are for our own comfort.  Our comfort is not a bad thing, but can we become too comfortable?  This series explores this question in light of God’s challenges.

April 9

April 2

March 26

March 19

March 12

March 5

Feb 26

Feb 19

Feb 12

Feb 5

Jan 29

Jan 22

Jan 15

Recent Message Series


Journey of Revelation

An in-depth look, passage by passage, of chapters fifteen through twenty of Exodus.  It’s an epic story that God continues to tell all through His Word.  We need to dig into it and to know it. God has something really deep that He wants to speak into each one of our hearts and He is going to do it through this Exodus Series.


Do Not Covet

Worthy of Trust

It’s a Heart Thing

Authority Matters

Take The Day Off

Ten Commandments

Holy God

Willing Servants

When People Attack

Learning Curve

Stand-Alone Messages

GU Anniversary Edition

Refocus Your Personal Lens

What’s in Your Hand?

Other Message Series

New Year’s Resolution

This year my New Year’s Resolution is to experience that “rich and satisfying life” Jesus promised we would have through Him.

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Through the Eyes of Joseph

I had not been on the road from Nazareth to Bethlehem in a long time. The road was worse than I remembered. It had nothing but holes and rocks and so many people. Some of them looked friendly and some looked like they would slit your throat! I held tightly to the rope while Mary was riding on our mule, and kept praying over and over: “Oh dear God, don’t let Mary deliver this very special baby on top of a mule!”

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The Inn Keeper’s Wife

Ready to go upstairs to bed, I suddenly hear a sound that all women know and understand. The cry of a newborn child. So precious, vulnerable and helpless, all at the same time. Goodness, that poor woman! Having her child tonight out in the barn of all places. My own worries fling quickly from my mind as I jump to my feet to go see if they need any help. Grabbing some towels, a pitcher of water, and an extra blanket, I fly out the back door.

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