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Creating opportunities for people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus.”  (Matthew 28:19) This is our Mission.  It is the driving force behind everything we do.  It is the reason that we, as a church, passionately pursue God when we gather on weekends or any other time.  It’s why we build community through our Life Group studies, and it’s why we choose to unleash compassion to our community and around the world.  This last weekend with Jerry Manuel was one of those opportunities we created so we could bring friends and family members to hear “how” he walks at the side of Christ.  People in our life need HOPE.  It is our responsibility and privilege, as His church, to offer HOPE found in Jesus again and again and again!  I hope you invited someone, and I hope they came.  Follow up with them this week.  Ask them what they thought was interesting and what stood out to them about Jerry’s story.  Pray for God to give you an open door to encourage them a little further towards Christ.  Whether they see their need for Christ or not is outside of our responsibility, but being available to tell what we know is in our hands.

Bayside, as I sit and write today, I’m more excited than I ever have been about this local church and how God is using it to impact our city.  We are living in an incredible generation of opportunity to share the HOPE of Jesus.  Let’s hold tightly to the mission and encourage one another in it.  One way we can do this is through our Life Group studies that we are now having sign-ups for.  If you’re not already in one, jump in this coming weekend!  It is my prayer that you are or will take advantage of these opportunities to live as a fully devoted follower of Jesus.  We are gathering momentum around our mission, and I want you to be part of it.

This coming weekend we start a new series called “The Long and the Short of It.”  I believe it will be a great encouragement and challenge to each of us as we walk at the side of Christ, together.

We love you and look forward to seeing you this coming weekend as we gather to celebrate the goodness of God, catch up with friends and experience God’s presence together.

Pastor Craig, Becky, Seth, Hannah and Penny the dog

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We can be praying for: 

  • Our Marriage Life Groups are away this weekend at a retreat to…you guessed it, encourage their marriages.
  • Those who came to hear Jerry Manuel’s story.  Pray that God would use it to draw people to Christ.


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