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5:30 pm – 8:30 pm  |  JUNE 26 – 28

Your kids are invited to the Heights Kids Evening Camp for the most incredible three days of their summer!  Epic 20 part obstacle course, jousting, slip-n-slide, messy art, snacks, high-energy rallies, and yes… learning about Jesus!

Your kids will love it!

Make a difference in a kid’s life this summer.

Join the AMPED CAMP team!

You Must:

Love Kids

Attend Volunteer Training

Commit to all three days

Adults 18+ years must be background checked through Bayside Church of Citrus Heights

Have fun and let God use you!


To learn more about being a small group leader, click on the position you’re interested in.

Volunteer Training for Youth

Youth and Parent: June 10, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm


As a Youth Small Group Leader for any age group, you will assist the Adult Small Group Leader in guiding the group of kids for the 3 days of camp.

All youth small group leaders must be going into 7th-12th grade in Fall 2018.

You will have an additional Assistant Small Group Leader as well. You will be responsible for the following in addition to anything the Adult Leader asks you:

  • Arriving early for devotions and preparing your tent for your group to arrive
  • Welcoming kids, getting to know them, organizing water bottles
  • Assisting in the Opening Activity and beginning the discussion
  • Keeping kids together throughout the different activities
  • Picking up the snack for your group during snack time
  • Assisting in clean up each day

Volunteer Training for Adults

June 10, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm


As an Adult Small Group Leader, you will be the main leader of a group of kids for the 3 days of camp.

You will have 1-2 assistant youth or adult leaders with you for the week to help you lead and guide the group throughout the camp. You will be responsible for the following:

  • Calling all kids in your group before camp starts to get them excited and get to know them
  • Arriving early for devotions and preparing your room for your group to arrive
  • Your youth leaders can also help with the following:
  • Welcoming kids, organizing water bottles, etc
  • Signing kids in and out each day (parents need to sign)
  • Starting Opening Activity
  • Guiding group to the different areas throughout the day and keeping everyone together. Guiding small group discussion based on curriculum and daily story
  • Helping with snack


To learn more about the areas to serve in, click on the area you’re interested in.
Recreation (4 - 5 years)

Recreation for the younger kids is still just as exciting! They have a special area right outside the children’s playground where you will be serving during camp.

You will be involved in the setup, tear down and operation of different games and activities. There will be bouncy balls, obstacle courses, water games, chalk and more for the little ones to play with. Your job will be to play with them, help them through different activities, and of course, have fun!

Recreation (K - 6th)

Sunshine, water games, obstacle courses, and an epic slip-n-slide! As a part of the Recreation area, you will assist the Team Lead in setting up, tearing down, and helping the kids as they play on all the fun equipment we have out on the Rec field.

You will assist each kid as they come down in their groups throughout their rotation. You will assist kids as they venture through the obstacle course, get a ride on the slip-n-slide, and joust in our pool!

Special Needs

Some kids who come to The Heights Kids Camp have Special Needs, and we set them up with a Special Needs Buddy.

As a Special Needs volunteer, you will be paired with a kid for the entirety of the week. You will travel through their rotation with them and their group, and assist them in anything specific they might need.

You will pay special attention to them and help them understand and learn throughout the week along with their peers.

Arts and Crafts
You will be a part of the Arts & Crafts area that each child attends throughout their daily rotation.

You will assist the Team Lead in setting up the crafts each day before the kids get there, help the kids when they come with their groups, reset in between rotations and clean up at the end of the day.

You might get your hands messy with paint, chalk or glue, but your job is to help the kids make some beautiful art and of course, have fun.

Admin/Registration Team

To help with the organization and clarification of tent assignments, locations of different things at camp, and helping people find their area, you get to be a part of the team with all the answers!

Your assignment includes organizing the clipboards for each group, managing the volunteer pick up of the clipboards, and helping with any group changes or camp questions to the best of your ability.

Build It
Help us with the construction of The Heights Kids Camp recreation activities, set up, and even the tear down after camp.
If you’re a handy person, we need you! This volunteer position will take place before and after camp as opposed to during camp. Dates and times will be announced once you’ve registered.
Every volunteer deserves a little pick me up, and that is exactly what you’re there for! As a part of the Encouragement team, you will assist in making specialty treats for the volunteers, and you will walk them around the camp each day, encouraging the volunteers as you go along.
First Aid

As a volunteer in First Aid, you will be positioned throughout the campus and on call for the duration of camp. You must be 21 or older and first aid certified.

You are the helping hand for pulling out slivers, passing out Band-Aids and aiding anyone who may get injured. Ice packs galore!

Hospitality | Snack
Similar to Encouragement, you get to be a part of preparing the food for the small groups who will come by and pick up their tray of snacks during their rotation.
You will assist the Team Lead in organizing, setting up, preparing, and packaging the snack each day of camp. Don’t be fooled, this is most people’s favorite part of camp because everyone loves food!
Prayer Team
Even and especially in the midst of the busyness of camp, we always want to remember to keep God at the center.
Road Warriors | Greeters

Our Road Warriors and greeters are some of the first contact people will make when they arrive for camp.

As a Road Warrior volunteer, you’ll assist people with finding parking, helping them head in the right direction to drop off their kids, and be the first smiling face they’ll see.

As a Greeter, you will be stationed at different entrance areas to welcome families and kids to The Heights Kids Camp and help them find where they need to go.

Worship | Dance Team
Be a part of our The Heights Kids Camp Dance Team! Bring the energy and fun to rally each day of camp. As a Heights Kids Dancer, you get to be on stage during the worship portion of Rally and encourage the kids to dance and sing to God.
This volunteer area may include extra required rehearsals outside of the 3 days of The Heights Kids Camp.