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In 2009 the Spirit of God stirred in the hearts of a people.  It became apparent God was asking these people to risk driving a stake in the ground so a new work would be established. The new work would be a church, offering nothing less than the simple hope found in Jesus. The church would be called Bayside of Citrus Heights.

Leaders are again sensing the Spirit of God stirring. This time it’s not a new work to begin, rather a new season of impact as we offer the simple hope found in Jesus. We believe it’s time to gather and risk driving a new stake in the ground representing a new season of commitment to the mission of God.

We believe now is the time to challenge Bayside to greater commitments of generosity for the mission. We choose to unleash generosity… because Christ has been so generous to us. Through generosity, we can reach for greater impact for our region, in our generation. We desire to maximize our opportunity to be part of His heart’s work.


Imagine what our generosity will do in the Congo, the world’s poorest country. We will build a clinic that gives access to medical care for about 2,400 people, the majority being children. This clinic does not exist today, but we can make it happen. In addition, we will build three water wells through World Vision.

Imagine what our generosity will do in Mexico’s Rancho Santa Marta.  These are children coming from the streets of Mexico or whose parents will not care for them and are left to fend for themselves.  There are also children with disabilities that are not able to be helped by Mexico’s social welfare system.  This is truly loving the “least of these.”

Imagine what our generosity will do in Cambodia as we work with AIM (Agape International Missions). “AIM’s programs fight trafficking, restore victims and transform communities through prevention, rescue, restoration and reintegration, making a holistic and successful strategy in the ground war on child sex trafficking.”


Imagine what our generosity will do locally when we purchase a walk-in refrigerator and food stock for Sunrise Christian Food Ministry so they can feed the hungry in our community.

Imagine what our generosity will do locally when we gather clothes for foster children through Lilliput Children Services.

Imagine what our generosity will do locally when we partner with the CHPD to help families in need.

Imagine what our generosity will do locally when we come alongside local schools to help with various projects.



Bayside of Citrus Heights is experiencing growth that is very unusual and unique in this region. We have grown to a church of about 1,250 in attendance, which is a 584% growth since February of 2009. Over 2,300 people attend in a six week time frame. About 600 currently serve in ministries impacting the lives of many. We believe this is just the beginning. God’s hand is at work and always will be in the lives of people. We want to prepare for the future 1,000’s God will send our way.

Given our past and current growth as a church, in five year’s time we will need facilities to host over 2,500 men, women, teens and children. That is a humbling opportunity if we will take it seriously. 1,250 more men, women, college-age, teens and children…the heart of God takes that opportunity very seriously. Even if we are preparing for what is already happening at our current growth level, we need to prepare.

Prepare for another 120 marriages to be shaped by Christ.

Prepare for another 120 Jr. and Sr. High teens to be shaped by Christ.

Prepare for another 170 children to be shaped by Christ. 

Prepare for another 100 seniors to be shaped by Christ.

Prepare for another 130 college students to be shaped by Christ.

Prepare for another 100 adults to find freedom from addiction through Celebrate Recovery.

With all these people in mind and heart, we should prepare… through generosity.

Imagine what our generosity will do when we remodel and outfit the current Activity Center to be a Ministry Center reaching 270+ teenagers at the most influential season of their lives.  Our teens have so many distractions and voices vying for their attention.  We want to create a space that will serve as a third place for teens.  They will want to get here because the facility is relevant, as well as creating a space for leaders to spend time pouring into these teens’ lives.  This would be a state of the art facility serving 270+ jr. high and senior high school students. The facility could be used multiple times per week as we reach out and draw them in through after-school programs.

Imagine what our generosity will do when this Ministry Center serves not only our teens but our ministry to seniors as well.  270+ seniors will enjoy this facility as they meet for their weekly class, enabling them to pursue God and build community together in a wonderfully refreshed and redesigned facility. Our seniors are an important part of the life of Bayside. We also know that many are walking alongside of others in friendship. We want them to enjoy their time on campus each and every time they come and touch the living, vibrant family of God.

Imagine what our generosity will do when we establish a ministry to college-age and young people that will reach 270+ of our children and grandchildren.  This generation is experiencing a crisis of faith and we have to be on the front lines of this fight for them. We need to bring someone onto our staff so they can build a team to speak into their lives. Our children and grandchildren will all need this ministry at some point. It’s in our hands to establish it for current college-age young people, for all those who are growing up through our church and for those who are outside of the church.

Imagine what our generosity will do when we are able to launch evening weekend services. These will provide brand new opportunities that allow those who are currently working on Sunday mornings and those who are busy with life’s activities to attend. Many people are caught up in schedules that prevent them from attending morning services. An evening service experience would allow them to gather.  We want to make that possible. Think of it… more opportunities for you to bring your friends, family members and co-workers to experience what you get each and every week.


1. Compassion First Projects (Phase 1 – $50,000)
All projects 100% funded through cash gifts and pledges.

a. Funding for a permanent Health Clinic in Congo, the poorest country in the world. ($30,000)
b. Clothes drive for foster children in our area…Lilliput.
c. Fund the building of 3 water wells through World Vision. ($10,000)
d. Sunrise Christian Food Ministry, will buy a walk-in refrigerator and food stock. ($10,000) 

2. Honor God financially by decreasing our debt, enabling us to expand ministry opportunities. $285,000 yearly.

3. Purchase adjoining lot for future expansion. $165,000 one-time purchase.


4. Compassion First Projects (Phase 2 – $70,000)
All projects 100% funded through cash gifts and pledges.
a. Fight sex trafficking in Cambodia through AIM. ($40,000)
b. Rancho Santa Marta, Mexico, orphanage, and school. ($15,000)
c. Partnership with the Citrus Heights Police Dept. to help families in need.
d. Fund Celebrate Recovery Ministry here at Bayside. ($15,000)

5. Create a Great Environment serving teens and our seniors by transforming the Activity Center into a Ministry Center and offices. Approx $465,000 one-time cost.

6. Strengthen college and career-age young adults by hiring a pastor for them and funding the ministry. $180,000 over 3 years.

7. Launch more services to reach more people including an evening service.  $50,000 over 3 years.


We drove our first stake in the ground six years ago because we believed God’s heart desired to use us to touch the lives of many, not for our benefit, but for theirs. God’s heart is always reaching out further and further and we, His people, are following His lead. His heart is our guide as we make our commitments.


1. PRAY.
This is the first and most important step in preparing your heart for response to God’s call to action. Ask Him what He would have you give and then just listen to what He says.

God doesn’t expect equal giving, but He does expect equal sacrifice. Remember these are gifts above and beyond your regular tithes. Think in terms of what you can give up in order to reach and change lives in our community and around the world through Compassion First.

We serve an awesome God, so trust that He will provide what He impresses upon you to give–even if it’s greater than the resources you can readily identify or expect. Leave room for faith in your commitment and expect a miracle!


Based on start date of Nov 20, 2015

The Bible teaches that spiritual maturity includes developing the habit of regular giving. Giving the first portion of our income shows that God really has first place in our lives. You can give far more than you thought possible when it’s spread out over time. See the “My Giving Potential” chart for examples.

Consider reducing your expenses or deferring a major purchase as a sacrifice to God. Involve your whole family in giving a specific amount above your tithe.

Stocks | Cars | Property | Cash from savings | Tax refunds | Garage sales | Boats/Trailers | RV’s | Jewelry | Securities | Other assets | An extra part-time job | Business interests | Businesses | Employer Matched Non-Profit Giving | Give up 2 Starbucks Lattes a week.


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