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The Long and the short of it is…it’s time to agree with God about the life I’m living! AS I follow Christ, I’m making the decision to START, STOP, STAY, GO, CONNECT, TRUST and SERVE.  We have been challenged in this last series with these decisions.  Today is a great day to come back to them.  What did God say to you through this series?  As you think it over, what is God whispering to you about today?  Just because the series is over does not mean these decisions are no longer a focus, in fact they are an effective way of staying focused.

Be encouraged!  God is for you and He wants you to succeed!  We all need to hear that.

This coming Father’s Day weekend we have Dr. John Jackson speaking to us. He is always a favorite.  I am looking forward to hearing him myself in our new Summer service format 9:00, 11:00 am and 7 pm.

Many were asking about the Summer of Inconvenience T-shirts.  We are going to make them available for purchase. Details are coming.

We love you and look forward to seeing you this coming weekend as we gather to catch up with friends, celebrate the goodness of God and experience His presence together.

Pastor Craig, Becky, Seth, Hannah and Penny the dog.

Also . . .

Tune in to KFIA 710AM every Monday at 4:30 pm for “The View From Here.” One of our past messages will be aired.

Be praying for: 

  • Our decisions agree with God and to focus on our relationship with Christ.
  • Our community of believers as we begin our Summer of Inconvenience, that we will expect great things to happen!