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Isaza Family
Bayside of Citrus Heights Missionaries 

As we take time this month to reflect on the past year, we are filled with gratitude for the time we have spent together as a family. Our boys continue to grow (Sam – 10, Ben – 7) and it is fun to watch them discover their talents and see them develop compassion for others.

We are also thankful for the opportunities we have had this year to serve alongside pastors, leaders, youth adults, youth, and children. As we have taught, hosted, encouraged, facilitated, and partnered with people in ministry we have continued to learn and grow in our own walk with God. We are learning what it means to be peacemakers and pray that in the new year God will continue to teach us and use us to be instruments of peace.

We thank you for your prayers and ask that you would continue praying for us as we look forward to this week of celebrating Christmas here: opening our home to teenagers to make cookies and share a meal, leading a time of intergenerational worship during our local church’s Christmas service, eating natilla and buñuelos, and celebrating with family and friends. We pray that your Christmas is full of special moments.

Love and peace,
Julio, Katie, Sam, and Ben


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